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The Vazula Chronicles

In the world below the water line, nothing is as it seems…

This four book YA fantasy series follows two very different characters. Merletta is an orphaned mermaid determined to defy expectations and join the revered and mysterious record holders, the most important figures in the underwater kingdoms. Heath is a young lord from a magic-wielding line of humans who appears to carry no magic of his own. Their worlds were never meant to collide, but fate—and their own stubborn defiance—has other plans.

In addition to irritatingly inscrutable dragons, the series features a clean slow burn romance between a mermaid and a reluctantly magical human. If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and hard-won happily ever afters, discover the world of The Vazula Chronicles today!

A Kingdom Submerged

A determined mermaid, the powerless son of a magic-wielding line…two worlds never meant to collide

In spite of being a nameless orphan, Merletta is determined to win the prestigious rank of record holder. And she has no intention of letting a little thing like universal disdain stop her.

Lord Heath knows nothing of mermaids, but coming from the noble House of Dragonfriend, he's no stranger to magic. Except, in spite of having a dragon for a best friend, Heath is the only magic-less member of his family. Not that he covets the power around him. All he wants its to defuse the growing tension between the power-wielders and their royal cousins.

These two worlds couldn't be further removed…until Heath's search for solutions takes him to the forgotten island of Vazula. Now the kingdoms of both land and sea are set on a new current, one which will carry both Heath and Merletta beyond the limit of everything they thought they knew. Because with someone underwater trying to do much worse than push Merletta from the program, and someone on land targeting Heath's family, the insurmountable barriers keeping Heath and Merletta apart might just be the least of their problems.

A Kingdom Discovered

Merletta's reality has been overturned…but nothing in her world has changed

Merletta's enemies may think they've bested her, but she's always been a survivor. Now she has a choice to make—protect herself, or expose the Center's lies? The question only becomes more complex when she learns she's not the only one to have paid the price for her flight to Vazula.

Meanwhile, Heath finally has the chance to bring the two factions of his family together. Except he can't seem to care about anything after losing Merletta. Then, just as his stirring magic ignites hope he hadn't dared to hold, a trip to Kyona threatens to overset Valoria's fragile peace.

Heath and Merletta's reunion is bittersweet—so much has changed, but so much remains out of reach. As she faces her deadly second year test, Merletta's future has never been less certain. And Heath is increasingly torn between loyalties, with the lives of those dearest to him on the line. It will take every bit of determination and magic they can muster to find a way to tomorrow.

A Kingdom Threatened

There's a time to play along, and there's a time to put everything on the line

Merletta has survived her second year test, but its revelations have once again upended everything she thought she knew. With so much at stake, it's hard to remember why she once cared so much about passing the program. It's time to show her true colors and face whatever comes…but yet again, she's failed to predict the Center's next move. And the consequences are disastrous for more than just her.

Heath, meanwhile, is taking no such stand. His magic is growing stronger by the day, but revealing it would only be a barrier to peace. Not to mention Reka still refuses to explain his sudden antagonism toward Merletta. When Merletta is forced to flee the triple kingdoms—straight into Heath's arms—it's easy to tell himself he has everything he's ever wanted.

But the longer Heath willfully ignores the barriers between them, the higher the stakes become. Because dragons aren't as easy to deceive as humans. And the outcome of Heath and Merletta's unplanned connection will mean catastrophe on a scale they never could have imagined.

A Kingdom Restored

When the end of the world is coming, there's no time to think about your heart

Merletta is out of time, and so are the triple kingdoms. She can't outswim her mistakes, and if she can't expose the Center's lies, so many will pay the price. Matters of the heart have no place—whether on land with Heath, or in her underwater search for her family.

Heath has accepted that there's no simple way for him and Merletta to be together. With the wrath of the dragons hanging over Merletta, and the increasingly desperate need to clear Percival's name, Heath has never felt more torn between worlds.

Merletta is ready to give everything in this final fight, and Heath's attempts to protect everyone have caused his magic to grow far beyond what he once imagined. But they both know it still won't be enough—even if they could achieve the impossible and save their two worlds, there's no future where their paths don't diverge.

There's nothing to cling to but hope. And yet hope is the most tenacious and powerful ally of all…

The Vazula Chronicles: The Complete Series


This box set contains the entire series of The Vazula Chronicles.

It consists of four novels: A Kingdom Submerged, A Kingdom Discovered, A Kingdom Threatened, and A Kingdom Restored.

The box set is available to buy or borrow as an ebook only.

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